We’ve all had the experience of walking into our kitchen and discovering an army of ants marching over the counter. However, if you notice a constant stream of ants walking across your kitchen countertop or lounging along a windowsill, don’t be alarmed. It’s a common problem, and while they might be annoying, eradicating the problem and preventing them from returning isn’t difficult. If you follow these simple instructions for how to get rid of ants permanently, you’ll be able to get rid of those ants—and send them packing for the (ant) hills. How to keep ants out of house?

We’ve investigated the best ways to get rid of ants once and for all, whether they’re assaulting your home inside or out. We have several natural bug-removal methods that do not require the use of chemicals. If you detect other pests in your home, learn how to get rid of fruit flies, gnats, stink bugs, and carpenter ants before they do damage (talk about destructive!).

To get rid of ants, use a spray. Spray peppermint or lavender on the ants to keep them away. Ants despise these two odors!

How to Get Permanently Rid of Indoor Ants

Investigate the situation. The first step is to figure out what is attracting the ants in the first place. There’s always a source, whether it’s a sticky dribble of honey down the edge of a jar or a lost spoon in the sink. Clean up whatever drew your new tenants in, and if you’re lucky, they could just leave on their own. Franklin exterminators are best for ant extermination and they’re available 24/7

Turn off the scouting. Scout ants use pheromones to find food in groups. Because these pheromones leave a trail for other ants to follow, brushing the ants away will not suffice. You must obliterate their minuscule track, which you can do using a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. Simply spray it where ants have been observed.

Prepare to repel. Mix peppermint or lavender oil (two scents ants despise) with water and spray on access points such as windowsills or door frames to naturally repel ants. If you decide to go the chemical approach, search for a product that contains boric acid and follow the instructions carefully. (Some of them are poisonous to pets and small children.)

Make a three-count. After you’ve placed the repellents, resist the urge to kill any ants. They’ll perform all of the legwork for you and return the poisonous bait to the nest.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Garden

Arrange for a search party to be dispatched. Look for ant beds in your yard or along the foundation of your house. Carpenter ants prefer broken or wet wood, so look for them on tree stumps, wood piles, downed trees, old patio furniture, and other outdoor structures.

Make a statement. Pour boiling water over the ant hill or spot treat with an outdoor insecticide once you’ve located the nest.

It’s time to get to (yard) work. The simplest approach to keep ants at bay is to keep your property clean. Keep an eye out for branches, bushes, or shrubs that touch your house and could give an easy entry point for ants. Food crumbs can attract ants, so clean up after yourself as soon as possible.

How to Banish Ants From Your Home Forever

All entry points must be sealed. Any cracks or exposed crevices in doors and windows should be caulked and sealed.

Keep the goodies hidden. The most likely invaders are black garden ants (interesting fact: they’re actually dark brown!). Keep food in airtight containers or securely wrapped in foil or plastic wrap, especially honey, maple syrup, and sugar.

Carry out your responsibilities. Clean your counters, floors, cabinets, and pantries on a regular basis, as here is where crumbs are most prone to hide. Maintain appropriate storage of your pet’s food between feedings and clean pet bowls on a regular basis.

Remove the garbage. Make sure trash cans are covered (particularly in the kitchen!) and inspect them after you’ve taken out the rubbish for any leftover residue.

When Should You Hire Professionals

You may have an infestation on your hands if a handful of ants turns into an army after you’ve tried everything. Inviting a professional to inspect your home is a good idea. They can recognize ant species and destroy them effectively.

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