Bed bugs can be a terrifying problem. They are eerie. Crawly. And indulge in your blood. The actual question is Can Bed bugs Kill You? In extremely rare instances, bed bug bites can produce severe symptoms, which can lead to severe health concerns. Symptoms of bed bugs are typically relatively modest, causing more mental distress than physical. Continue reading our bed bug removal Franklin Pest article to find out more!

What is an example of a severe symptom of bed bugs?

Sepsis. Bloodborne infection.

Without treatment, sepsis develops into potentially deadly septic shock. Sepsis can result from infected bed bug bites that have not been appropriately managed, such as by keeping the bite clean and clear of bacteria.

If sepsis develops into septic shock…In the hospital, antibiotics and fluids are delivered intravenously. In certain instances, oxygen is essential. In addition, the chemical used to cure the infestation may cause illness.

Can Bed Bugs Kill You?

Pyrethrin is a commonly used insecticide for treating bed bug infestations. Excessive exposure to this chemical can result in:

In conclusion, bed bugs cannot kill you instantly. However, they can cause illness and, if left untreated, can be very dangerous. So… As a precaution, you should clean the bites and watch for infection.

However, what about your four-legged relatives? Are they in peril?

Can Bed Bugs Kill Dogs?

Despite their sweetness, dogs are not immune to bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on anything containing blood (including your pets). Not only will bed bugs attack your dog, but they can also hitchhike on your dog’s fur, bedding, or toys and enter your home.

Although bed bugs have difficulty crawling through fur, humans are their preferred host.

What happens if your dog is bitten by bed bugs?

Talk to your vet. Treatments for fleas and ticks may not work. Be cautious, as harsh insecticides can be detrimental to your dog. This is one of the reasons why only professionals should perform treatments. There are efficient techniques of bed bug elimination that do not involve the use of toxic chemicals, such as heat treatment.

Symptoms of high chemical concentrations include:


Ensure the safety of your best buddy by contacting a pest control expert immediately.

Bed Bugs Kill Cats?

There is no evidence that bed bugs can kill cats. Bed bug bites are, to say the least, unpleasant for your feline friend. These bites can cause your cat to exhibit the following symptoms:

Look for bites on the cat’s tummy or back, as these are the most typical regions where cats are bitten.

What about treating bed bugs with flea and tick treatments?

No, these products may not be helpful against bed bugs. Discuss with your veterinarian the most effective and safe treatment for your cat.

Can bed bug bites cause physical illness?

Itching is a usual response to bed bug bites, but the symptoms continue. Bed bug allergies can range from minor to severe, resulting in physical illness. Examples of allergic response symptoms include:

Do not disregard an allergic reaction. This can result in anaphylaxis. A potentially fatal allergic response. The frightening aspect is that allergic reactions might become increasingly severe until an anaphylactic reaction occurs.

How do you cure an allergic reaction?

Typically, antihistamines like Benadryl are used. Consult your physician before beginning.

What about anaphylaxis, however?

This is typically treated in the hospital with oxygen, epinephrine, and intravenous antihistamines due to its severity. Do not disregard the warning indications of anaphylaxis, which include swelling of the throat and tongue, as well as difficulty breathing.

Can bed bugs lead to health issues?

Yes, bed bugs can create health issues, particularly on the skin.

What sort?

Face sores are caused by an exceedingly contagious bacterial skin condition known as impetigo. Typically, newborns and children are affected. When impetigo affects a deeper layer of skin, it is known as ecthyma. Still, a bacterial infection is the cause of crusty sores.

People whose homes have been infested with bed bugs have claimed mental health difficulties.

Among these include sleeplessness and anxiety. In certain instances, bed bugs can cause long-term psychological problems. Because bed bugs feed at night, insomnia is prevalent. Typically, previous victims will remain awake while bed bugs creep over their skin.

When a victim feels a light sensation on their body, they immediately assume it is caused by bed bugs.

How could anyone possibly sleep through that?

Insomnia causes:

Therefore, bed bugs do indeed create physical, mental, and emotional health issues.

Can One Coexist with Bed Bugs?

Perhaps, but the real question is whether you want to live with bed bugs. The clear response is NO.

Bed bug infestations can soon become uncontrollable. If a fertilized female enters your home, she will lay approximately 100 eggs in the first month. After the second month, there will be 10 adults mating with 200 bed bugs at various phases of development.

By the end of the third month, 100 breeding adults, 1,000 growing bed bugs, and up to 500 eggs will comprise the bed bug population. Therefore, bed bugs cannot and should not be tolerated.

Long-Term Consequences of Bed Bug Bites

Assuming you do not develop an allergic reaction, an infection from bites, or hallucinations due to sleep deprivation, you must still deal with the side effects of bed bug bites.

As the bites result in unsightly red itchy areas, itching is most likely the most severe symptom.

Not only are these little bites ugly and extremely itchy, but they will also keep you up at night itching or contemplating the persistent annoyance.

How can you eliminate the itching?

Over-the-counter drugs can be beneficial. You might begin by applying a lotion to the bite marks to alleviate any irritation. However, the bites will worsen over time if the infestation is not eliminated as soon as it is identified.

Remember that an anti-itch cream is only a temporary remedy to your problems until the infestation is eliminated.

Do bed bugs transmit disease?

In a laboratory experiment, bed bugs were found to transmit Chagas disease to mice. It has not yet been proved to spread to humans in this manner. You do not wish to be the first to discover that bed bugs transmit Chagas disease to humans. Chagas disease is currently transmitted by kissing bugs, which are a distant relative of the bed bug. The disease is most prevalent in Latin America, but incidences have increased in the United States.

While bed bugs cannot kill you directly, they can cause severe reactions such as allergic reactions, sepsis, sleeplessness, and mental/emotional problems in rare instances.

What Should I Do if I Believe I Have Bed Bugs?

If you suspect an infestation of bed bugs…

Because bed bugs hide throughout the day, you can identify these pests by performing the following.

So… Can bed bugs be fatal?

Except in extremely rare instances (often owing to pre-existing diseases), bed bugs do not cause death. They are unlikely to cause a major health danger to anyone they bite. Depending on the level of the infestation and your skin’s sensitivity, the severity of the physical damage can vary.

In some instances, bites may not manifest at all, whilst in others, they may swell and remain for weeks. Bed bug bites will generate significantly more mental discomfort than bodily. Therefore, if you have bed bugs, it is essential to remain cool and act swiftly

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