Franklin Pest Control services the entire Hobart, Indiana city. The First Unitarian Church of Hobart is the oldest church still held by its original congregation in Hobart as well. It was listed on September 9, 1999.

Italianate church. The building’s interior and exterior have remained modest since its construction. George Earle established Hobart in 1848 near his mills. To stimulate growth, he gave away property for a railroad and churches with a permanent pastor and regular services. In 1848, 48 Hobart residents formed “a society established on Unitarian ideals for the public worship of God, morals and the ultimate benefit of society”


Two-story brick Unitarian Church. Built-in 1875 and dedicated in 1876. 1954-1955 and 1990 frame additions. On a city property, a stonewall surrounds a north memorial garden.

Rectangular brick block with a gable roof. Three-tiered steeple over the entryway. Tall, narrow arched windows with three amber-colored sashes. Each window has a stone sill with brick tabs. The south facade’s windows are arches supported by piers with a capital and base. Plain cornices top the walls. Three lesser layers make up the spire. Hip roofs cover each part. The Church bell is in the lowest two parts.


Piers feature a capital and a stone sill base. Two door capitals are connected by a horizontal molding. The arch above the double doors with gothic-style wood decorations. Above the entrance, at the gable peak, is a floral-carved wood inlay. The insert may have replaced a circular window that was never built or closed during remodeling. Below this stone is a square block with the congregation’s founding year, 1874. Both faces face north and south. Each wall has four pilasters. Each corner has a pilaster and longer end bays than the two centers. Each bay has equidistant windows. The south facade’s central pilaster features a subterranean furnace chimney. It rises from the ground to the eaves. The church’s surrounding parish halls and offices aren’t historic.

The vestibule, gallery, and assembly room comprise the church’s interior. The vestibule is inside the main doors. Double doors between two single doors lead to the assembly room. Each door has four wooden panels. A choir loft stands above the entryway. The two-story assembly chamber is rectangular. Each wall has four arched windows. At the east end is a two-step stage. The east wall has a 1964 wood background and twin doors. Parish hall doors open.


Hobart’s Unitarian Church cost $15,000 to build with locally-made brick. Hobart’s founder, George Earle, sold the church a $1 property. This ancient church has been standing for a while and is very respected around the Hobart area, there for all to see and join. 

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