The Hobart Nature District is in the city of Hobart, Indiana, in the same area as Franklin Pest Exterminators. Over 1,000 acres of parks, marshes, rivers, lakes, prairies, oak savannas, old-growth forests, and ravines. The City of Hobart, Indiana, officially named the Hobart Nature District on July 19, 2017. However, the natural areas in the district have been in different stages of restoration and access for decades. The City Council concluded that “Hobart Nature District” best describes all regions in the 2013 Hobart Marsh Plan.


The Hobart Marsh Plan incorporated the Hobart Nature District to create a unique habitat for passive enjoyment. The Hobart Marsh Plan linked various local conservation areas. It expands the region’s network of bike routes for ecotourism and access to natural and cultural resources. Hobart Marsh is home to 9 unique or threatened plant species, the state-endangered Blanding’s turtle, 40 endangered, threatened, or uncommon insect species, 4 endangered bird species, and 5 natural communities. Hobart Marsh Plan was included in the Comprehensive Plan for Hobart in 2013. Conservation initiatives and the initial steps toward establishing natural spaces in the district began in 1989 when official support for protecting these sites grew. This early cooperation led to the formation of “Hobart Prairie Grove,” which became a National Park in 1992. (Renamed Indiana Dunes in 2019).


Inside the boundaries of the Hobart Nature District, there are 13 different natural areas. Lake County Parks & Recreation bought land close to Robinson Lake Park and included it in the Hobart Nature District in April 2021. For more Hobart information or if in need of pest control services contact Franklin exterminators at (219)600-4910 now. Also, visit our site to learn about the First Unitarian Church of Hobart.

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