The black-soil prairie of Cressmoor Prairie Nature Preserve, a designated Indiana state nature preserve, is an exceedingly high-quality landscape. It is one of the state’s rarest ecosystems. If you hike the trail in late summer and fall, you’ll understand the awe that early settlers had as they emerged from the great eastern forest to see a sea of grassland stretching from here to the foothills of the Rockies.

Grasses can grow eight feet in the air, while sunflowers can go even higher. Spikes of brightly colored wildflowers abound. Monarch butterflies stop here in the fall before continuing on to the mountains of Mexico.

The Cressmoor Prairie route was named for the late Keith Board, whose legendary “botanizing” explorations led to the discovery and, ultimately, protection of the preserve. Read more about Deep River County Park before visiting. No one is more expert than Franklin in removing pests from your home situated in Hobart. You can call them at (219)600-4910.

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