Deep River County Park, originally known as ‘Community Park,’ is a public park administered by the Deep River Park Association in Chatham County, North Carolina, and Lee County, North Carolina, USA. The Deep River Camelback Truss Bridge and a canoe access ramp to the Deep River are the principal attractions of the 40-acre park. The bridge has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Deep River Park encompasses acreage on both sides of the river in a peaceful rural environment surrounded by woodlands and farmlands. The old pedestrian bridge, a concrete canoe and boat ramp, several picnic sites with two shelters, a playground, and parking are among the amenities. The park is located along the Deep River State Trail. The Deep River Park Association, directed by Margaret Jordan-Ellis, established Deep River Park in 1992 to protect the Camelback Bridge. The Association is currently seeking financing to repaint the bridge while preventing lead pollution of the river. Visit Cressmoor Prairie Nature Preserve if you’re living in Hobart. Franklin Pest Control is situated in Hobart and expert in getting rid of pests. You can call them at (219)600-4910.

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