Gabis Arboretum

The Gabis Arboretum was founded by Damien and Rita Gabis. In the early 1990s, Dr. and Mrs. Gabis purchased 72 acres of land and through a series of purchases over several years, brought together 300 acres that became known as Taltree Arboretum & Gardens. As the Gabises learned more about the northwest Indiana region, they […]

Griffith Historical Society

The Griffith Historical Society, founded in 1983, was empowered by a Griffith Town Council resolution to preserve the history of Griffith. At that time, ownership and operation of the Depot Museum, saved from demolition two years earlier, was given to the Society by joint action of the Council and the Community Spirit Organization. In 1994, […]

Deer mouse vs Field mouse 

In this article we’ll discuss the key differences and similarities of Deer mice vs house mice. Mice generally have a lot of characteristics learning these differences can help a homeowner identify what kind of potential infestations they are dealing with. They are roughly the same size and share a variety of morphological traits. These two […]

What does deer mouse eat?

Throughout this article we’ll go over important facts about deer mice or white footed mice, you’ll read about where they typically live and find out, What does a deer mouse eat? The omnivorous deer mouse uses its sharp incisors to gnaw through the hard coats and seeds and the chitinous exoskeleton of beetles. Small invertebrates […]

Are deer mice dangerous?

In this article youll read about hantavirus and answer the common question Are deer mice dangerous? The most prevalent and extensively dispersed animal in North America is the deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus, also called a white-footed mouse. Deer mice, which belong to a sizable group of species and subspecies in the genus Peromyscus, are expert […]

How to get rid of deer mouse

Through this article we’ll go over important facts that you need to know about how to get rid of deer mouse infestations. Integrating many strategies is necessary for effective management. Infestations can be avoided by taking steps including habitat alteration, sanitation, and exclusion. It is nearly always required to reduce the population of mice when […]

Erie Lackawanna Trail

Erie Lackawanna Trail it is a rail trail located in Lake County, Indiana which runs along the former Erie Lackawanna Railway. The trail begins in the city of Hammond then passes through the towns of Highland, Griffith, Schererville, and Merrillville before coming to an end in the county seat Crown Point. It covers a total of 17.7 miles The original Erie-Lackawanna right-of-way was an important freight route through Lake County; although, with the […]

Country side park

the Country side park is a 33-acre park site is located in the southwestern part of Hobart, along U.S. 6, just east of County Line Road.  Countryside Park features a playground, sledding hill,  picnic shelter, softball field, and a fishing pond.  The park also has access to the Prairie Duneland Trail which passes along the […]

Termites control near me

Are there different kinds of termites?  Knowing the differences in species is not only helpful for the homeowner but for pest professionals as well, giving them as much information on a potential infestation will help them prepare for treatment or help the homeowner treat a mild infestation on their own. the four major kinds of […]

Cost of tenting a house for termites

Does the size of the house matter? In this article, we discuss the cost of tenting a house for termites with different levels of infestation. We’ll also discuss how tenting affects different species of termites. Having termites within your house is not enjoyable. These little insects adore eating wood and destroying walls, floors, and furniture. […]