Cressmoor Prairie Nature Preserve

The black-soil prairie of Cressmoor Prairie Nature Preserve, a designated Indiana state nature preserve, is an exceedingly high-quality landscape. It is one of the state’s rarest ecosystems. If you hike the trail in late summer and fall, you’ll understand the awe that early settlers had as they emerged from the great eastern forest to see […]

Deep River County Park

Deep River County Park, originally known as ‘Community Park,’ is a public park administered by the Deep River Park Association in Chatham County, North Carolina, and Lee County, North Carolina, USA. The Deep River Camelback Truss Bridge and a canoe access ramp to the Deep River are the principal attractions of the 40-acre park. The […]

How To Keep Ants Out Of House

We’ve all had the experience of walking into our kitchen and discovering an army of ants marching over the counter. However, if you notice a constant stream of ants walking across your kitchen countertop or lounging along a windowsill, don’t be alarmed. It’s a common problem, and while they might be annoying, eradicating the problem […]

Odorous Ants In House

Have you ever walked on or otherwise crushed following ants and noticed a peculiar stench that smelt like rotten coconuts? If that’s the case, those ants were most likely odorous house ants, which explains their name. What are Odorous ants in house? House ants can be observed scurrying through kitchens in homes all around the […]

How To Get Rid Of Outside Ants

When you use chemical pesticides to kill ants, you risk polluting groundwater and harming beneficial species like bees, butterflies, and beetles. Instead, try these natural ant-removal methods in your yard and house. They’re better for your family, pets, and the environment. How to get rid of outside ants? Although not all of the compounds we […]

How Much Is Pest Control on Average In Northwest Indiana

Quality pest control services are required for homes and businesses in Northwest Indiana. Franklin is a leading pest company that can be trusted to work in any residential or commercial structure. Our customers rely on us to keep pests out of their homes and businesses. We consider food service, health care, educational facilities, and private […]

What Time Of The Year Is Best For Pest Control

So the answer is both yes and no? Some homeowners require immediate service from a pest control company because they have discovered a pest infestation, so many customers will only call a pest control company when they have a pest problem. What time of the year is best for pest control? Most homeowners with regular […]

How Much Is Monthly Pest Control In NWI

Nobody wants to consider having unwanted pests in their home. After all, our homes are supposed to provide us with a haven from the outside world. However, our best efforts to keep our homes clean and pest-free aren’t always enough. Spiders, ants, termites, and various other bugs can and do enter homes, particularly those that […]