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Betty Mansour
Betty Mansour
March 25, 2019.
You are the bomb! I am so very happy with your services! No more roaches!
Erica Davis
Erica Davis
March 25, 2019.
Roaches are the nastiest things! I'm so glad I called you! Thank you for getting rid of them for me!
Mary Gibson
Mary Gibson
March 24, 2019.
I'm so glad you were able to identify where the mice were getting into my home. You sealed it off and I haven't seen one since. Thanks!
Madison Johnston
Madison Johnston
March 22, 2019.
I highly recommend this company!
Carla Pierce
Carla Pierce
March 20, 2019.
I never thought that I would need an exterminator, but when I did I called you guys. I've seen your truck around town and thought I'd give you a shot. Great job. I am satisfied with your service!

Franklin Pest Control Services | Bed Bug Exterminators 

Because not all bed insect infestations are identical, Franklin Pest Control employs numerous strategies for bed bug eradication to tailor a solution to your specific issue. Our procedure differs from that of other bed bug firms in that no preparation is necessary before treatment. Call us now at (219)600-4910 or visit our site for more information and assistance with your home pest control services.

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What To Expect From Us

  • We will check your property thoroughly for bed bugs and the degree of their infestation.
  • Treatment for bed bugs will be planned as soon as possible, and there is no need for you to do anything ahead of time.
  • We’ll use several therapy approaches and set up monitoring equipment as part of the process.
  • Following your treatment, a follow-up check will be performed to assure your complete satisfaction.

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Bed Bug Infestation | Common signs 

There’s a chance you don’t notice an infestation right away. It might take weeks or months for the indicators to come up, depending on the situation. Some early warning signals to look out for include the following:

1) Bed Bug Skin Bites

  • Simply said, bedbugs need to eat. In addition to that, you’re the main course.

    Bites from bed bugs appear as tiny, red, itchy bumps on your skin. There are a variety of insects that might attack you in the middle of the night, but a cluster of three or four welts is a telltale sign that you’ve been bitten by a bed bug.

    When it comes to the effects of a bed bug bite, each person’s reaction will be unique. Some people won’t notice the welts, while others may find them irritating. Bed bug bites can cause serious responses such as hives or an allergic reaction in general.

    Bite marks are a crucial early warning indication, though.

2) Blood Stains

The presence of bloodstains on your linens is another early indicator of bed bugs. If you find these stains, there are two possibilities:

  • A small amount of blood may remain on your skin even after the insect has gone on. This may immediately be transferred to your bed linens.
  • Turning or shifting your position may result in you crushing an insect. The bloodstain on your linens is the consequence of the bug’s incomplete digestion of your blood.

3) Spots Of Darkness On Your Bedding

Bed bug infestations that have been going on for a long time may frequently show up in the shape of dark stains on your linens or mattress.

  • As the infection spreads, these patches begin to form. Insect droppings and insect fragments are to blame. Clusters of spots may be found when the infestation is fresh and more widely distributed when it has been around for a time.

4) The Smell of A Musty Mattress

If you notice a weird, musty odor surrounding your mattress, you may have a bedbug infestation. ‘

  • Pheromones are emitted by bed bugs when they get established. Depending on who you ask, this fragrance can be sweet or sour, depending on the person’s experience.
  • Crushed bugs and their feces combine with pheromones, creating an unpleasant odor as the infestation spreads.
  • It’s possible that the odor is the least reliable early warning indication of all of them. Before concluding that the odor you’re smelling is the result of a bed bug infestation, thoroughly examine the area where you sleep.

5) Detecting a Bed Bug

There is no way to tell if a room has been infested with bed bugs unless you encounter live adult bed bugs or their exoskeletons.

  • The size of the casings will probably change as the bugs grow older. They’re the bugs’ exoskeletons that are shed as they molt. Often, these casings are clear but have a yellow hue to them.

When a bed bug is alive, it is quite little and resembles a small apple seed in form. Unfortunately, seeing a live one is all you need to know.

We strongly advise hiring pest control or an exterminator right away.


Bed Bug Extermination & Removal Costs

The average cost of bed bug removal is $1,750, with prices ranging from $300 to $5,000. The cost of bed bug elimination is higher than that of flea extermination since these pests may go without food for a lengthy period.

After an initial bed bug treatment, ongoing pest control inspections are necessary since bed bugs may survive for up to 400 days without a source of food. These examinations, which range in price from $100 to $150, are less expensive than the initial bed bug treatment. It may be necessary for your pest control company to apply further treatment if more bed bugs are found.


5 Bed Bug Treatment Methods

A professional exterminator may use a variety of methods to rid your house of bedbugs, each with a different cost and level of efficiency. As your budget and infestation level dictates, an exterminator will choose the best strategy for you. Listed here are the expenses and advantages of each treatment option.

1.)Heat Treatment

  • The Cost Per Sq/Ft is $1-$3
  • Pros: Treatment with heat eliminates bed bugs at all phases of their life cycle without the use of chemicals of any kind.
  • Cons: Heat-sensitive materials must be removed before any treatment.

2.) Freeze

  • $3-$6 Per Sq/Ft
  • Pros: Surfaces that cannot handle heat benefit from this non-chemical treatment.
  • Cons: It is not uncommon for bed bugs to be blown away rather than destroyed immediately upon contact.

3.) Fumigation Method

  • $4-$8 Per Sq/Ft
  • Pros: Bed bugs and insect infestations are eradicated by 99.999%.
  • Cons: Applying it wrongly can be dangerous for both humans and animals.

4.) Chemicals

  • Costs $2-$4.50 Per Sq/Ft
  • Pros: For bed bugs, combines a mixture of chemicals to reach all corners of the room.
  • Cons: Pets may be poisoned by certain poisons.

5.) Steam Treatment

  • $2-$7.50 Per Sq/Ft
  • Pros: Infested surfaces are better penetrated by this procedure than other ways.
  • Cons: Several treatments may be required before bed bugs are eliminated.

Bed Bug Problem | How To Prevent Future Bed Bug Infestations

The following are a few tips for preventing bed bug infestations:

  • Before taking second-hand sofas or mattresses home, look for any symptoms of bed bugs.
  • Protect your mattress against bed bugs by using a mattress cover that encases it.
  • Make frequent use of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of any leftover bed insect odors.
  • It’s best to transfer dirty clothes in plastic bags if you’re doing it at a public laundromat to keep pests at bay. Also, take out the garments from the dryer as soon as they’re done drying and fold them when you get home.
  • Before unpacking your suitcase, thoroughly check your hotel room for evidence of bed bugs, including the mattress, furniture, drapes, and the surrounding area.
  • After returning from a trip, wash your clothes and baggage quickly to get rid of any bedbugs that may have accompanied you.

For further information on all pests such as termites, roaches, rodents, wasps, spiders, and more call Franklin Pest Control Services at (219)600-4910 and get a free home pest control quote now!

Will Termiticides Also Act As A Bed Bug Exterminator?

Termite treatments can kill bed bugs and other pests and insects in your home, so be cautious while using them. One of the most often used methods for managing pests such as bedbugs is using liquid termiticides and baiting stations.

Treatments are so efficient in getting rid of these difficult bed bugs that may be present in your house at the time. They’re among the strongest pest control remedies. There are, however, termite treatments that are solely effective against termites.

Do Termite Insecticides Kill Other Pests?

Many additional pests can be killed by termite treatments in addition to the wood-boring ones, although this is not always the case. The termite treatment technique is known to kill the following bugs as well, however, the doses necessary for each pest are different.

  • Cockroaches
  • Borers of wood
  • Pests in the pantry
  • Rodents
  • Spiders

Bed Bug Control | When To Call Bed Bug Experts

Is DIY Bed Bug Control Effective?

They are famously tough to get rid of or get rid of bedbugs. In addition to their ability to remain undetected, infestations may spread swiftly. A bed bug infestation might worsen if you don’t know where they’re hiding in order to eradicate them completely. Franklin’s bed bug exterminators are specially educated to look for and identify bed bugs, as well as the most effective methods for eliminating them.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid of Bed Bug Pest?

The types and severity of bed bug infestations can vary widely, necessitating a variety of treatment options. Start with a thorough check of your Hobart house for bed bugs. Our staff is well-versed in spotting the telltale indications of home bed bugs and tracking them down. Franklin Pest Control Services will offer a personalized bed bug removal treatment based on the findings of your Franklin pest control specialist, employing numerous ways to address and control your bed bug problem. 

Discovered An Infestation? CALL US!

Franklin Pest Control will provide a free inspection and treatment if you detect bed bugs in your house within six months of your first treatment date. Just call us at (219)600-4910 when you’re in need of assistance and home pest extermination services.

Same Day Service, Free Pest Control Quote

Hobart Pest Control

NWI Bed Bug Control

Thorough bed bug inspection

One of our courteous professionals will search your house for indicators of bed bugs and locate potential hiding places.

Keep your bed

There is no need to remove your bed, and our mattress encasements keep your bed safe long after the bed bugs have vanished.

Install bed bug deterrents.

Your Franklin Pest specialist will place monitoring equipment that will identify any new bed bug activity as soon as it occurs.

Bed bug inspection follow-ups

Franklin Pest Control will do a follow-up examination to guarantee that the bed bugs have been eliminated.

Bed Bug Control FAQ

Bed bugs are elusive. Blood on your sheets or pajamas, molted skin/exoskeletons, feces on your mattress or sheets, raised red welts on skin, burning and itching, a straight line of bites, and bites in a limited region are telltale indicators of bed bugs. If you see any of these symptoms and require bed bug eradication, please contact us for a free bed bug check.

Bed bugs are not known to spread illnesses; nonetheless, their bites are itchy and painful. This is where the potential for danger arises. Excessive scratching may result in skin damage, which can increase the risk of infection.

Although our bed insect control methods begin working instantly, you may still observe a few bed bugs shortly after treatment. After treatment, we will return a week later to check that all bed bugs have been eliminated.

Is there a definitive solution to this question? It might take anything from a few weeks to a month for evidence of an infestation to appear in a house, depending on the severity of the infestation.

The first indicators of an infestation aren’t going to be obvious if it’s little. There are some suggestions for dealing with a significant infestation, though. The easiest way to deal with an infestation is to contact a pest control firm in your area.

It is possible for bed bugs to reappear following treatment since they might enter the home at any moment via clothing, luggage, or furniture. However, if bed bugs reappear within six months of your original treatment, Franklin Pest will return without further charge.

Most of the indicators of a bed bug infestation may be found in your mattress. If you see blood stains or black blotches, they might be the result of bed insect feces.

Make sure that you properly check your mattress to see if there is a hole, which is where the bugs are likely to be coming out.

Same Day Service, Free Pest Control Quote

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Our first goal is always your health and safety. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our pest control services, ensuring that your Hobart home and family are safe from pests. If you have any concerns after your initial or monthly treatments, we will return to treat your home at no additional cost as part of our Home Protection Plan.