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Betty Mansour
March 25, 2019.
You are the bomb! I am so very happy with your services! No more roaches!
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Erica Davis
March 25, 2019.
Roaches are the nastiest things! I'm so glad I called you! Thank you for getting rid of them for me!
Mary Gibson
Mary Gibson
March 24, 2019.
I'm so glad you were able to identify where the mice were getting into my home. You sealed it off and I haven't seen one since. Thanks!
Madison Johnston
Madison Johnston
March 22, 2019.
I highly recommend this company!
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Carla Pierce
March 20, 2019.
I never thought that I would need an exterminator, but when I did I called you guys. I've seen your truck around town and thought I'd give you a shot. Great job. I am satisfied with your service!

Beetle Exterminators Control & Removal Services| Beetle Removal 

Some beetles, like the boxelder pest, produce an unpleasant stench when startled or crushed. Sometimes confused with stink bugs.

The best approach to battle beetle invasions is to keep them out. Seal cracks around windows and doors, patch holes in screens, and consider taping your windows shut. Ladybugs can fit through certain closed windows. Ladybugs and boxelder bugs like the south and west sides of light-colored houses. This step is important if you live near the woods. Franklin Pest Control’s beetle exterminators can eliminate and prevent future infestations. Just phone us at (219)600-4910 when you need assistance on those worrisome beetles and more!

What Are The Beetle Bugs Infestation Signs?

Even though different varieties of beetles have diverse characteristics, they all leave comparable warning signals! The following are some signs of a beetle infestation:

  • Beetles can be found in dark, undisturbed regions such as pantries, attics, upholstered furniture, and other places.
  • Detecting tiny holes in carpets or walls where several varieties of beetles may have nested.
  • Food packaging has been tampered with or consumed.
  • Observing their frass or droppings.

Bed bugs VS Carpet Beetles | Pest Signs & Control

Find little pests in and around your bed frames, headboards, mattresses, and box springs? Or perhaps you have bugs in your rugs, carpets, book bindings, or fabric furniture? You may have an infestation of carpet beetles or bed bugs. Both of these pests are little, yet they may cause significant property damage and annoyance. Not quite certain whether you have carpet beetles or bed bugs? Below are some of the primary distinctions between these two pests to assist you in determining which species may be making themselves at home.

Indicators Of A Carpet Beetle Infestation

In modest numbers, carpet beetles can be advantageous to your house since they are capable of decomposing old organic materials and “cleaning up” after other insects. However, carpet beetles are scavengers, and when the population of carpet beetles in a residence increases, the concerns become evident:

  • Carpet beetles may consume rugs, carpets, book bindings, upholstered furniture, skins, and furs.
  • They are round in form and range in color from white to yellow to black.
  • Carpet beetle larvae are commonly stripped and coated with bristles, giving them the appearance of being fuzzy, which is generally the first thing a homeowner notices. As these larvae age, they will lose their exoskeletons, which is another significant indicator.

Preventing Carpet Beetles In Your Home

You may keep carpet beetles at bay by cleaning and vacuuming often and storing your food in firmly sealed containers. In addition, because carpet beetles are attracted to pollen, you should avoid bringing flowers and plants into the home. If you suspect that your house has been infested with carpet beetles, the exterminators at Franklin Pest Control Indianapolis bug exterminators can offer guidance on how to rid your property of these pests.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that adapt to the routines of their host, which is frequently a person. The following are facts regarding bed bugs:

  • They reside mostly in crevices and cracks, and headboards, bed frames, mattresses, and box springs are their favorite habitats.
  • They normally do not cause significant physical or structural damage to the dwellings they infest, but their biting can be a nuisance.
  • The bed bug egg is barely 1 millimeter in length, while the mature bed pest measures around 1/5 inch in length. Bed bugs have oval bodies and are colored reddish-brown. Adult female bed bugs lay up to five eggs every day, resulting in a high rate of reproduction.

Treating Bed Bug Infestations

Since bed bug issues are strongly related to box springs and mattresses, a protective mattress encasement is one of the best defenses against these pests. As for therapy, it has been demonstrated that chemical and/or heat therapies are the most successful. If you suspect that your house is infested with bed bugs, our eradication specialists at Franklin Pest Control Services can offer guidance on how to rid your home of these pests.

Beetles That Eat Wood

Wood-destroying beetles may bite, but their capacity to degrade wood is more concerning. Wood-destroying beetles have six legs and are reddish-brown to black bodies that are long, slender, and flat. These wood-boring beetles degrade wood to a fine powder, threatening homes, workplaces, garages, outdoor furniture, and other wood surfaces.

Walnut, hickory, ash, and oak are their favorite woods. In the U.S., wood-destroying beetles do second-most damage, behind termites, by boring into and infesting dry seasoned wood.

Beetle Removal | How To Prevent Infestations of Wood-Destroying Beetle Bugs

Early diagnosis and prevention of wood-destroying beetles is the greatest method to protect yourself and your home. You may prevent an infestation of wood-destroying beetles by taking a few easy precautions.

  • Before acquiring raw wood, it should be thoroughly inspected by a professional pest control company. Avoid acquiring wood with deteriorated surfaces or existing escape holes.
  • Ensure that the wood has been kiln-dried or that it has been sanded and varnished before purchase. Apply shellac or varnish to the untreated wood before bringing it into your home if it has not been treated. It is also prudent to avoid utilizing old lumber from wood yards or heaps, where these beetles prefer to conceal themselves.pest

Pantry Beetles Extermination

Franklin Pest Control in Indiana and Illinois can exterminate pantry beetles. The kitchen is often the heart of the home; it’s where you create everyday meals and welcome family, friends, and loved ones on important occasions. Pests in preserved goods may destroy a celebration fast. Pantry beetles may be a costly problem for homeowners. Below are methods homeowners may use to perform pantry beetle removal and prevent their return.

What Attracts Pantry Beetles?

Pantry beetles flourish in your pantry because it’s full of “free” food and has few natural predators. Pests like pantry beetles are drawn to cereals, dried fruits and nuts, flour, pre-made mixtures, and more. Most households don’t discover they have a pantry beetle infestation until they open their baking goods, ruining holiday baking or Saturday pancakes. You can avoid pantry beetles and other stored food pests with basic precautions.

Food sealing prevents pantry beetles

Pantry beetles and other pests are drawn to your pantry and kitchen because of convenient food availability.

  • First, remove pantry beetles’ easy access to food and prevent their return.
  • Pantry inventory. Pantry beetles and other pests love bags, plastic wrapping, and cartons.
  • To avoid future infestation, throw away infected food outside.

Cleanliness prevents pantry pests

Thoroughly cleaning your food storage space and removing food particles and trash with a suitable cleaning solution will also deter pantry beetles.

  • Clean up spills and crumbs, and check expiry dates often.
  • Spills, crumbs, and outdated food can attract insects.
  • Invest in containers with properly sealed lids. These containers keep food fresh and keep pantry beetles out.

Pest Control Companies | Services For Professional Beetle Control

Pantry beetles and other pests can be eradicated with a change of habits and a little hard work and if all fails exterminators and top-notch pest control companies are always an option. If you’re still having problems with pantry beetles or other stored product pests, call Franklin Pest Control for our beetle removal suggestions and experienced guidance and pest management options for your home. For further information and a free Indianapolis home pest control quote, call (219)600-4910.

Bettles | How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid of Them?

Only in rare situations would homeowners need to pay more than $100-$125 on beetle control services, plus regular upkeep.

Find out how much Japanese Beetle control and removal costs in your area. If you see a Japanese beetle on your property, you should be alarmed.

These insects may ruin lawns and gardens because they eat more than 300 plant species. They infest your vegetation, exposing it to bigger parasites. You’re not alone if they’re in your yard. The Japanese beetle removal and extermination cost the U.S. $460 million annually.

How much does it cost to remove Japanese beetles? This is important.

Japanese beetle eradication may be expensive.

Don’t skip Japanese beetle control like others. Many homes do this to save money on pest control services. After the Japanese beetle season, they spend substantially more. Unchecked grub may wreck your yard. They may harm grass and garden beds.

Sod installation costs up to $1,200, and re-landscaping is more. Japanese beetle traps and other insect-control tactics usually cost less.

  • Milky Spore Control or Preventative Treatments Kill Japanese Beetles

Paying to avoid Japanese beetle grub damage is smarter and cheaper.

Milky spore control might work if you already have grubs. This bacterial therapy stops Japanese beetles.

This all-natural solution won’t overwhelm your grass with chemicals. $100 for an 8,000-square-foot lawn is cheaper than replacing a beetle-infested garden.

Grub preventatives are another possibility. To stop beetles before they come, you must be proactive and call in the specialists.

Why pay for something you don’t need? Preventative measures are ideal for controlling Japanese beetles. It’s also affordable.

Pre-treating an 8,000-square-foot lawn may cost $75 to $100, far less than repairing a Japanese beetle-ravaged landscape.

What Pest Control Method Is The Best Way?

Your yard’s Japanese beetle population is within your control.

You may gamble and hope for the best. Or use milky spores to fight back.

Preventative therapy is usually better. We can help with yard exterminator services.

Call us at (219)600-490 immediately for a tailored pest-control strategy with a free home pest control quote.

Local Beetle Control. We work with beetle exterminator & removal firms nationwide and in your region to give free quotations.

What Pulls Beetles Near My Home & Yard?

If you’re thinking, “Why do I have so many beetles in my yard?” then consider the following. or “What attracts beetles?” you are not alone. How can you prevent beetles from entering your home?

Here are some of these bugs’ most prevalent attractants:

1. Placing

Occasionally, the location of your home alone is enough to attract bugs. When the weather drops, insects seek warmth and safety indoors. If your residence is in the proper location at the proper time, it may be enough to attract swarms of them.

2. Accessibility

Beetles are, once more, opportunists. If they can identify and exploit entry points to your home (such as ripped screens, holes around windows and doors, or exposed vents), they are likely to get in and make pest removal a little more difficult.

3. Food and liquid

To thrive, beetles require both food and water. The majority of species rely on a diet of plants, tiny invertebrates, or wood and textile fibers.

They do not require much water, so pet bowls, seepage from leaking pipes, and water left in drains are sufficient to sustain them.

4. Shelter

Most insects favor dark, quiet, concealed settings. You may discover them in neglected locations like behind appliances, in your attic, or your home’s vents.

What Level Of Damage Can Be Done?

In general, there are three types of beetles, each of which causes a distinct type of damage:

  • Textile beetles
  • Dietary beetles
  • Wood borers

As their names imply, each of these beetles feeds on a distinct fuel source and can cause harm to your home and property.

Depending on the type, beetles can cause damage to clothing, crops (Japanese beetles alone inflict an estimated $460 million in agricultural damage yearly), decors, furniture, and packaged goods, such as food.

When To Call Pest Control Service Companies| Get A Free Quote!

Are these pest we call beetles infesting and destroying your wood and wooden objects? Is their voracious appetite for ash, oak, hickory, and walnut causing you significant financial losses? Are they lurking in your carpets, book bindings, and fabric furnishings within your house? Have you been fighting a losing battle against insect infestation? If this is the case, you should probably contact a licensed pest control exterminator.

Infestations Of Indoor Beetles

Beetles can infest your home’s interior and exterior. Certain wood-boring beetles inflict more damage than termites in the U.S. each year. Some beetles reside in homes, eating carelessly stored food, book bindings, and fabric furnishings. If you suspect you have an interior beetle infestation and have cleaned the affected areas and disposed of infested goods like clothes, draperies, carpets, and the like, you should contact an exterminator.

Beetle Infestations Outdoors

If you’re having difficulties controlling wood-boring beetles and have gotten rid of any infested timber or wooden objects, but you’re still seeing evidence of infestation like fine sawdust on or beneath wood and exit holes, you’ll probably need the help of a qualified exterminator. If an infestation is severe, fumigation may be required to clear your property of bugs, which is best done by a qualified exterminator.

Our home pest control plans and professionals at Franklin Pest Control will work with you to identify the treatment approach that is most comfortable for you and compatible with your business or home, no matter what species of beetle you find infesting your house or business as well as a free pest control quote. You can also refer to other pest control companies near you for assistance and affordable pest control service.

Discovered An Ant Infestation? Call Our Affordable Pest Control Company!

Because beetles spend the majority of their lives within the wood, homeowners are more likely to observe traces of wood damage than the beetles themselves. Our professionals at Franklin Pest Control can assist you in beetle control if you see signs of a wood-destroying beetle infestation, such as fine sawdust on or beneath wood and little holes approximately 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter. Call us at (219)600-4910 for more information about ants, bedbugs, roaches, termites, and other pests, as well as our pest control services. Also, get a free quote when you call about not only residential services but commercial beetle exterminators control and other pest solutions now!

Types Of Beetles | Most Common

Carpet Beetles

The carpet beetle, a common pest in the United States, derives its name from its fondness for damaging textiles and upholstered furniture. They like dark, quiet, undisturbed areas, such as the seams of furniture and the bottom of carpets.

  • Because they are so adept at concealing, carpet beetles can be difficult to detect until their damage becomes apparent. These insects have an oval form, two antennae, and six legs. Their bodies are tough and spherical, and their wings are hidden beneath their shells.

Japanese Beetles

The Japanese beetle is a prevalent pest in the United States. The Japanese beetle is notorious for destroying the landscape and attractive plants, as it feeds on foliage, flowers, and even fruits. Adult beetles are around 13 to 12 inches long and have a metallic-looking, metallic-green body.

  • While Japanese beetles are unlikely to do extensive harm to your house, they may quickly decimate your garden and outdoor plants.

The Asian Beetle

Ladybugs, the popular name for the Asian beetle, are a common sight in California homes. When outside and feeding on plant pests, ladybugs are regarded as a helpful species. However, when they enter a residence, they may cause significant harm.

  • This species’ adults typically measure around 1 mm in length and have a red shell with black markings. It is not uncommon to discover thousands of these beetles clustered in attics, ceilings, and wall cracks when the weather turns chilly.

If they make their way into your heating vents, merely turning on the furnace will disseminate hundreds of them throughout your living spaces.

Click Beetles

Click beetles are widespread across North America. There are around 900 different species of them. Adult click beetles are around 1.5″-1″ long and have brown, elongated bodies. While click beetles are not often interior pests, they feast voraciously on plants and vegetables and can cause significant damage to your garden.

Beetles Characteristics Generally

Recent estimates indicate that there are over 350,000 species of beetles around the globe. Here are a few general facts that will help you recognize these pests:


There are a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of beetles. Some are oval or spherical, while others are rectangular. Some even have bodies like those of spiders. They can range in size from a few millimeters to over an inch.


The majority of species of beetles have antennae and mouthparts designed for devouring wood, vegetation, and roots.


Although beetles are often poor flyers, the majority have front wings that resemble a shell. The durability and water resistance of these wings allow them to shield the pest from environmental risks and dehydration.

Our skilled beetle pest control staff at Franklin Pest Control delivers professional company pest control services to consumers in Indiana, from Hobart to Indianapolis pest control. We are the people to assist you to eradicate your commercial pest control problems permanently.


Same Day Service, Free Pest Control Quote

Hobart Pest Control

NWI Beetle Extermination Process

Initial Examination

First, our pest treatment specialists will do a comprehensive inspection of your property. During this examination, we will determine the beetle species and infestation source. On the basis of our findings, we will construct a pest management plan tailored to your particular issues.

Educating The Customer

Most pest outbreaks take time. We'll educate you and your family on the origins of your infestation. You'll learn about beetles in your house or yard, what they eat, what attracts them, and how to keep them away. This helps you and your family prevent re-infestation.

Plan Completion and After-Action

We will finally implement the strategy we prepared for your home. Depending on the circumstances, our staff will likely give post-treatment follow-up to confirm that the infestation is eliminated and that no new beetles are forming in your garden or house.

Beetle Extermination & Removal FAQ

A: ON! Keep Your Lights OFF.

Most beetles are drawn to conventional “white” lightbulbs. Crawling and flying beetles are attracted to interior and outdoor illumination.

Researchers found that a species of blind predatory water beetles that have lived underground for millions of years have vision genes that are usually only found in species with eyes.

In Captivity –

So far, you may have noticed that beetles don’t live very long. Depending on the type, if they are kept in captivity, they might be able to live out their whole life cycle, which could take up to 6 months in the best case.

This doesn’t happen very often, and even in captivity, where they don’t have to worry about natural predators, they might only live a few days or, if they’re lucky, two months.

In The Wild –

Beetles have a limited lifespan in the wild and in captivity. In captivity, they live longer.

Wild beetles live 10 to 2 months. This is the average beetle lifespan, depending on the kind. Beetles may be found in practically every environment. They prefer dark, wet locations beneath rocks and leaves.

If you’re near a pond, lake, or garden, you’ll probably see a bug. They’re harmless.

Adult beetles and larvae eat their favorite meal. Species may last weeks without nourishment. Beetles have specific dietary preferences, but they’ve evolved to consuming other things when food is scarce.

Beetles aren’t superheroes, but they fly like them. Beetles soar with their legs spread, which helps them turn.

Yes, they can, is the simple answer. Beetles may bite because they have biting mouthparts. Some species have well-developed jaws or mandibles, which they employ to catch and eat food.

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