Griffith Historical Society

The Griffith Historical Society, founded in 1983, was empowered by a Griffith Town Council resolution to preserve the history of Griffith. At that time, ownership and operation of the Depot Museum, saved from demolition two years earlier, was given to the Society by joint action of the Council and the Community Spirit Organization. In 1994, […]

What does deer mouse eat?

Throughout this article we’ll go over important facts about deer mice or white footed mice, you’ll read about where they typically live and find out, What does a deer mouse eat? The omnivorous deer mouse uses its sharp incisors to gnaw through the hard coats and seeds and the chitinous exoskeleton of beetles. Small invertebrates […]

Cost of tenting a house for termites

Does the size of the house matter? In this article, we discuss the cost of tenting a house for termites with different levels of infestation. We’ll also discuss how tenting affects different species of termites. Having termites within your house is not enjoyable. These little insects adore eating wood and destroying walls, floors, and furniture. […]

How termites are treated

Know what to look for If you think you may have a termite problem, this article is for you! Identifying termites and termite behavior isn’t easy but this article will explain everything you need to know about how to identify them. It will also cover how termites are treated. Termites in Indiana can not only […]

Cressmoor Prairie Nature Preserve

The black-soil prairie of Cressmoor Prairie Nature Preserve, a designated Indiana state nature preserve, is an exceedingly high-quality landscape. It is one of the state’s rarest ecosystems. If you hike the trail in late summer and fall, you’ll understand the awe that early settlers had as they emerged from the great eastern forest to see […]

Deep River County Park

Deep River County Park, originally known as ‘Community Park,’ is a public park administered by the Deep River Park Association in Chatham County, North Carolina, and Lee County, North Carolina, USA. The Deep River Camelback Truss Bridge and a canoe access ramp to the Deep River are the principal attractions of the 40-acre park. The […]

Termites how to get rid of them

Examine timber frameworks very closely for indications of degeneration by carefully touching on them. If a strong light beam seems hollow, chances are you have a termite problem. Discarded wings are a physical sign that termites may be in your home, as reproductive termites drop their wings once they locate a brand-new place to establish […]

Termites, covered by insurance?

Termites, covered by insurance? Regrettably, your representative is correct in saying that property owners insurance policy generally does not cover termite damages; termite invasions are thought to be avoidable with property owner persistence. When the damage is done, there’s not much a homeowner can do besides invest in precautionary measures for the future. Nevertheless, in specific […]

Termites with wings in house

As soon as the queen termite replicates, she can lay over 30,000 eggs a day. At that rate, you can have a thriving swarm under your house and throughout a couple of weeks, those termites will certainly be in your home, causing mass destruction by quietly consuming away at your home. This article will explain […]

Termites or carpenter ants

Termites resemble ants in that they both stay in a colony, nonetheless, termites are usually much bigger than ants and can trigger a whole lot of damage if left unfixed. They will normally initially turn up inside your house as flying pests, yet with the appropriate inspection, you ought to be able to identify what […]