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At Hobart Pest Control, we believe we are the best rodent exterminator in the Northwest Indiana. We want to prove it to you by offering $15 Off any exterminating service for first time customers!

If you have actually discovered mice and/or rats in your Hobart house or company, contact Franklin Pest Exterminators for assistance right now with possible infestation. Left unattended, rodent problems can cause comprehensive damage that is expensive to fix for management. What’s more, the health and wellness dangers related to mice and rats is a severe issue for both domestic and business residential or commercial properties. Our group of rodent control experts do not simply set traps and after that leave you to look after yourself, however rather use thorough rodent control that is personalized for your structure and the insects you need to compete with.

If you are trying to find a professional rodent extermination business, you remain in the ideal location.

Rodent Control Chicagoland

Protect against mouse infestation. Ideal for single management household houses, multi-family systems, pet kennels, and other business centers, Franklin Pest Exterminators has continuous rodent control services are created to get rid of existing rodent activity and to avoid them from returning. With year-round rodent control services, you do not need to endure mice and rats- we have actually got you covered!

  • Inspection and Quote – One of our bug control professionals will survey your residential or commercial property to identify if there is an active rodent problem, what kind of rodent is triggering the issues, how they’re getting in, and what favorable conditions exist. Once we have actually completed our assessment, we’ll suggest a treatment strategy and supply you with a quote for service.
  • Rodent Treatment – Based on our findings, we’ll establish and execute a rodent control strategy that will get rid of existing rodent activity and stops these insects from returning. In addition to mechanical rodent controls, our certified bug control professionals will seal openings that mice and/or rats can fit through, and make suggestions on how to make your residential or commercial property less enticing to rodents.

One-Time Rodent Control & Treatment – Extermination & Pest Control Services

Available for domestic and business residential or commercial properties that have periodic rodent issues, our one-time service includes a preliminary treatment and after that a follow-up see to guarantee that the issue has actually been dealt with.

Rodents are probably the most troublesome nuisances to totally freed from your property; they are unimaginably strong animals and can fit through exceptionally little openings in your dividers and floors. To ward rodents and mice off for great, it’s important to call a rat expulsion company that has an exhaustive comprehension of how and why rodents and mice have attacked your property.


Rat avoidance and end is no work for beginners throughout the years. On the off chance that you have them, you’re more likely than not going to require a rodent and mice exterminator help to dispose of them. Call Franklin Pest Solutions today for a free rat control quote.


Regardless of how secured you think you are against rodents and mice, it’s presumably insufficient—a few rodents, similar to mice, can fit through holes as little as a dime. Extermination is needed On the off chance that you think you have a rodent or mice invasion, it’s imperative to contact proficient rat exterminators; your home should be shielded from the infection they can convey right from the center. Franklin Pest Solutions finds a way to wipe out rat invasions with services:

Get A full property review and free quote for services, including both the inside and outside of your home or company.

Position of non-harmful snares and checking stations in watchful areas. We utilize these for exhaustive rat control services and to screen further action.

Fixing of all little regular passage focuses, in the event that we discover they are adding to the invasion.

Making a full report, depicting the treatment and how you can shield your home from additional pervasions of mouse and other pest. 

On the off chance that you need to ensure your mouse issues disappear for great, look at our pestfree365 program. It covers more than 36 regular vermin and will keep your home and property ensured all consistently. Contact your local mouse control specialists today to begin pest removal activity!

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