Deer mouse vs Field mouse 

In this article we’ll discuss the key differences and similarities of Deer mice vs house mice. Mice generally have a lot of characteristics learning these differences can help a homeowner identify what kind of potential infestations they are dealing with. They are roughly the same size and share a variety of morphological traits. These two […]

Are deer mice dangerous?

In this article youll read about hantavirus and answer the common question Are deer mice dangerous? The most prevalent and extensively dispersed animal in North America is the deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus, also called a white-footed mouse. Deer mice, which belong to a sizable group of species and subspecies in the genus Peromyscus, are expert […]

How to get rid of deer mouse

Through this article we’ll go over important facts that you need to know about how to get rid of deer mouse infestations. Integrating many strategies is necessary for effective management. Infestations can be avoided by taking steps including habitat alteration, sanitation, and exclusion. It is nearly always required to reduce the population of mice when […]